A little bit about me

My name is Tarik and I grew up in the British colony of Gibraltar, it is a small British overseas territory in the south of Spain, we only have a population of 30,000 people and about 2000 monkeys up our limestone rock. Yes, monkeys are our major attraction and if you are not careful when you visit them they will steal your food. Spain have always wanted us to be theirs for the past 100 years, but after two referendums and a decade of being British, we have decided to remain British for as long as we live. In Gibraltar, everyone is bilingual and we all speak a minimum of two languages which are Spanish and English.

On the other hand, I love Gibraltar, it's small, cosy, friendly and everyone lives in harmony no matter what race, culture or religion you are. It's people are peaceful and welcoming, I believe we should be an example to the world.

During my time at University in England, I undertook an Erasmus exchange for one semester in Zagreb, Croatia. This luckily for me, was the turning point in my life, not only did I meet some incredibly amazing people, but I also made travelling a frequent hobby of mine. During my time in Croatia I managed to visit four out of six neighbouring countries, this did not only make me realise how amazing it actually is to travel but also how easy and educational it was, with good time and money management obviously.

Since then, I have managed to visit 25 different countries, I am 21 years of age and before I reach the age of 25 I want to have visited at least 50 different countries. In my blogs you will discover all of the different countries I have been to and why it they were all incredible. Yes, they were ALL incredible.

I enjoy writing and it has become a daily hobby of mine, this developed during my time at university due to having to write so many essays over the years, not only did I feel motivated and ready when an essay was due, I also felt passionate and enjoyed every word I typed. This ultimately helped me achieve good grades and brought me onto the idea of becoming a blogger. Who would not enjoy writing about such an amazing subject such as travelling right?

I am also an athlete and partake in the sport of boxing where I compete at national level, other than travel this is also another area of expertise of mine. Healthy living is also a priority in my life and I LOVE food.


About my Blogs

The main aim of my blogs are to give the readers a deep and thorough insight of every country and city that I have personally travelled and been to, with the hope of attracting the reader's attention and making them want to visit the countries themselves. Let's be honest, everybody loves knowing where all the good places are before travelling to a new country right?

I aim to give the best description of my experiences whilst travelling and also state all the pros and cons of every place in order to prepare the readers before they travel to that destination and make sure they have THE BEST TIME EVER!