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Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Yes, I am pretty sure most of us have heard that statement before, but how many of us can deny it is 100% right?

Travelling does not only educate us as individuals, it also exposes us to new cultures, new foods, new cities, new countries, different people, different lifestyles, new languages and numerous other things.

With effective time and money management, a plan and a properly packed bag EVERYONE can enjoy a fantastic holiday, whether it is only a city break, a weekend away, a skiing holiday, a summer break or a few months abroad. Being grateful for having the opportunity to travel 25 different countries at the age of 21 is something that has taught me many different things. Doing it alone, with a close friend or a group of friends undoubtedly has a different effect on the holiday but nevertheless, they were all still incredibly fantastic trips.


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